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Aircraft Details

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Destination Guide

Project Synopsis

NovaJet was a projected that I handled while at Sutton Compliance Communications. I designed and developed the Front-End of their website while another developer handled integration into a custom CMS.

NovaJet is a Canadian private plane company. With their own fleet, and trained team that is proficient in Aircraft Management, Aircraft Repairs, and Aircraft Aquisition. Knowing all the in-and outs of what it takes to purchase a top of the line aircraft. They not only help charter aircrafts, but they also house them at Toronto's Pearson International Airport. From the time I spent visitng NovaJet, I was quite impressed with their base of operations and team.

This was a unique opportunity to work on this project, and learned alot about the Private Plane Industry.



Slide One

Fleet Page

Showcasing their aircrafts

Aircraft Single Page

View of details of selected aircraft

Empty Legs Page

Showing a list view of available empty flights

Destination Guide

Showing American destinations

Contact Page

NovaJet's contact information

Website Design Details

NovaJet was a project that was handled by numerous managers, and unfortunately I left the studio that was managing creation of the website before I could see it launch.

I handled about 90% of the Design and Front End Development of the website. All slides on the homepage have been adjusted except for the first initial slide.

After seeing the CMS development version of the website, I feel that NovaJet will be happy with their new website compared to their previous one.


Responsive View Details

For NovaJet I handled about 90% of the responsiveness of the website. Unfortunately I left the studio just before completion of the website, so I did not get to complete responsiveness for the Empty Legs portion that was handled by FlyEasy and the Developer at Sutton Compliance Communications.

Below you can see some screenshots of the new NovaJet website that is coming soon.

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