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Project Synopsis

Northern Superior Resources was a projected that I handled while at Sutton Compliance Communications. I designed and developed the Front-End of their website while another developer handled integration into a custom CMS.

Northern Superior Resources is a Precious Metals Candian Mining company that mainly focuses on operations in Ontario Canada.

They have a clean corporate feel, with an interesting custom slider on their homepage. They have an extensive site architecture and many unique pages.



Slider One: About Northern


Slider Two: Property Showcase


Slider Three: Vague Team // Property Showcase


Slider Four: Property Showcase

Press Releases

All press releases, with a filter to show based on location and date.

Website Design Details

Northern Superior Resources has a blue and yellow color scheme which I selected from their gradient logo, and clean corporate feel to their website.

Their logo was designed by another designer at Sutton Compliance Communications. Which is where I designed and created the Front-End of Northern Superior Resources's website.

I had alot of fun and creative freedom when designing their whole website. There was really no back-and forth between the company, they seemed to like everything I presented.

The homepage sliders, are fun and intriguing with interesting designs with use of videos, and unique text layouts.

I decided to focus mainly on showcasing the companies properties, and news // stock information for investors.

Overall I love how the project turned out for how much time that was put into it.


Responsive View Details

Below you can see some responsive screens of the Northern Superior Resources website.

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