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Project Synopsis

For Georgian I tried to keep a simplistic, yet elegant corporate feel for their presence. I decided to use Proxima Nova and Hotel as their Typefaces and used a strong red and not too prevalent black on white for their color scheme.

I sketched out a few icon variations and landed on this simplistic ā€˜Sā€™ shape that you will see below. I wanted a strong typeface for their name, but did not want to change it too much so I chose Hotel. Overall I think their logo came out clean that defiantly tells you what industry they are in at a glance.

For their homepage I decided to do some parallax background that when scrolled looks like the user is getting further into the Earth.


Branding Details

With their logo, I tried to keep a sleek, yet strong corporate feel that lets the viewer know what industry Georgian is in at a glance.

So even though they use heavy duty drills and various equipment for different jobs, I thought it would be good to keep their drill bit to a simplistic one that everyone could recognize.


The icon is a simplistic drill bit. The 'S' shape curve repeating downwards and meeting a tip was not the first icon I designed, but it was so eye catching and simplistic that I felt it would be memorable and to the point for their industry.


Hotel is a strong font, with robust thick lines meant for uppercase display's that catch the users eye. It was an obvious choice for this company. While I did not use it too much accross their web presence, it sits well next to their icon.


Business Card Details

Front Side

Their business cards are very simplistic.
A centered logo on one side with a white background.

Back Side

The backside displays their color scheme with all of their important contact information.

The top side of the card has all of their important contact information, and at the bottom is their icon as well as their website link.

Overall I designed a couple variations and gave the owner two options to choose from, and this was the chosen design.



Slide One


Showing Goals & History


Showing closed service list view


Showing selected service list open view


Showing selection between equipment & projects


Equipment selection page

Equipment Selected

Equipment details & information


Available downloads to view or download


Showing necessary information to get free quote


Contact details & Form

Website Design Details

For Georgian I had free-range to do whatever I pleased for the design of their website.

I wanted to keep the website clean, corporate and fun. With various unique pages, and informative layouts.

The website is currently still under review by the Owners and is looking to launch by the end of 2018.

I will be sure to update this page once the site launches and the reviews // changes have been sorted out.


Responsive View Details

Georgian's responsive view is elegant and simple, leaving no design or custom layout to be ignored by mobile viewports.

I am especially proud of how little time this project took to make responsive, with clean layouts and a max-width this has been one of my simplist responive projects yet.

See below for some screenshots of the responsive view in action.

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