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Project Synopsis

Formglas has an amazing history, and does some incredible work for architechural companies around the world. Most likley you have been around their work without even knowing it, from Toronto to Dubai they are an internationally known company.

I started work for Formglas while working at Sutton Integrated Solutions, and then freelanced the rest of the project once I left the studio.

For this project I designed and developed the Front End of the website, while the backend integration into a Kentico CMS was handled by another developer.


Website Design Details

I tried to keep a universal corporate feel to their website. A simplistic Grey White and Orange color scheme, and a website that is contained by a max-width and responsive.

Below you will find a max width representation of their website.

Home Page

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Featured Projects Page

Inspiration Grid Page

Materials Page

Products Page


Responsive View Details

Below you can see some responsive screens of the Formglas website.



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