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I dedicate myself to help building brands. Creating print and pixel wonder has been my splendor since before my formal education.

Having carried many hats, jumped through various hoops and created countless projects I feel confident in handling your next print or web endeavor.

The list below is not the limit of what I can offer, however it is what I am most proficient at:

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A quick biography...

Everyone loves a baby right?
Well I was one of those once.

Growing up in York Region I have always had a passion for Art and the Internet.

Before college I persued and studied various various forms of creativity from lifedrawing, animations, playing with typography and anything that would stimulate my eagerness to create.

For my post-secondary education I studied Web Development and Advanced Graphic Design at Durham College in Oshawa Ontario. Where I learned the base of my skillsets for helping build various aspects of a company, from their base logo, stationery set, advertising and marketing needs, packaging design, print design, user experience and website design as well as website development in various languages and coding formats.

After leaving college I went back and forth from working at various agencies and freelancing for myself. This gave me the opportunity to work for some exciting companies and continue to learn and craft my skillbase to keep up with the ever-expanding web.

Currently I am freelancing and taking on various jobs for different companies in the GTA. I can offer you a wide variety of services so if you need any help in the print or web industry do not hesitate to get in contact.

Little baby me. First birthday during my cake.

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My treasure hunt game!

You like games right?

Sure you do. Who doesn't?

Well this game is rather simple. Click on things located within my website, and if you do, then an achievement unlock will appear. Pretty simple right? Why not have some fun while your browsing around and see how many you can unlock?! Good luck and game on!

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